Chemo Secrets

Tips, tricks and real life experiences from a young breast cancer survivor.

So you gotta do chemotherapy eh?

I remember when I was told I had to 16 rounds: 4 A/C and 12 taxol... I didn’t know what to think! I didn’t know what to expect, what to do or even who to talk to! I felt LOST.

The best guidance I ever received was from other women slightly ahead of me in treatment. They’d tell me stories and give me advice on what helped them get through. This was the most VALUABLE source of information I ever received.

This is what I want to give YOU!

Using my personal experience, along with the help of 50 young breast cancer survivors between the ages of 24 - 42, I created a 50 page e-guide, to help you get through chemo like a boss!



You know when something bad happens in your life and all you want to do is talk about it with that one friend who’s already been through it? That’s exactly what Chemo Secrets is. My way of being right here with you!

This guide is available in PDF format. Once purchased, you will have instant access to download your guide.

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