Chemo Secrets

Tips, tricks and real life experiences from a young breast cancer survivor.

So you gotta do chemotherapy eh?

I remember when I was told I had to 16 rounds: 4 A/C and 12 taxol... I didn’t know what to think! I didn’t know what to expect, what to do or even who to talk to! I felt LOST.

The best guidance I ever received was from other women slightly ahead of me in treatment. They’d tell me stories and give me advice on what helped them get through. This was the most VALUABLE source of information I ever received.

This is what I want to give YOU!

Using my personal experience, along with the help of 50 young breast cancer survivors between the ages of 24 - 42, I created a 50 page e-guide, to help you get through chemo like a boss!



You know when something bad happens in your life and all you want to do is talk about it with that one friend who’s already been through it? That’s exactly what Chemo Secrets is. My way of being right here with you!

This guide is available in both PDF and EPUB formats. Once purchased, you will have instant access to download your guide.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you're not happy with Chemo Secrets for any reason, simply let me know (via email) and i'll happily refund your money. No questions asked :)


Julie, 40 years old from Macclesfield, UK

Angela, 29 years old from Miami, Florida

Gitte, 53 years old from Oslo, Norway

Saolotonga Sopi, 43 years old from Marysville, WA

Jennifer, 33 years old from San Angelo, Texas

My mother had breast cancer and I thought I knew what to expect. I didn't. I found Nalie on youtube and felt like she was showing me what to expect and because of that I was never side swiped. This e-guide will come in handy and help women who are just starting out. I feel like this should be printed out and put in every doctor’s office.

Liz, 36 years old from Buffalo, New York

I started chemo almost 4 weeks ago, and have scoured the internet, obviously, for every bit of information I can on what I'm going through. Nalie’s super sunny, upbeat style is really refreshing-- combined with her realism and honesty. It's a rare combination! One of the things I've noticed is that people act so sad when they realize that I'm "so young" (clearly not as young as Nalie!) - but what I'm realizing is that there are SO many of us under 40, who need a supportive community of people who've been there- virtual or otherwise. The most important truth I have learned through this experience is that nobody has ANY idea what it's like to have cancer, until they have it themselves. And I hate that you, or I, or anyone else would ever need this guide, but I love that it will help so many people who are trying to comprehend a reality they could never have seen coming. Thanks, Nalie!!

Nicole, 33 years old from Vancouver, BC

My favorite part were the practical tips! I cannot think of anywhere else online or otherwise that provided such a straightforward, practical guide for the nitty-gritty, chemo-related challenges we face as cancer patients. I am halfway done my chemo, and so I was able to review this guide from the perspective of both 'been there' AND 'help! I don't know what I'm about to get myself into'. Very accurate regarding AC (the phase I just wrapped up) and very informative regarding Taxol (my current unknown).

Franca, 40 years old from Laval, Quebec

Nalie is a true survivor and I applaud her courage to be open and honest about her cancer experience. All women and all cancers are different but to be able to read her e-guide and not feel so afraid of the unexpected is a great feeling. Nalie has inspired me to start my own blog on my journey and take all of her tips and insightfulness and apply it to myself. What I learned is that we have cancer but cancer doesn't have us. With the proper guidance and choices we can all be survivors in our own ways.

Natasha, 29 years old from Coventry, UK

I thought your e-guide was great, really informative and everything rang true of all the feelings I am having myself at the moment. There aren't any books out there for younger women going through chemo so it was great to come across yours! Really inspiring that you took the time to write this and help others going through what is most definitely one of the most horrible things I'm having to endure…

Leny, 30 years old from Fort Lee, New Jersey

From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate the copy of Chemo secrets. It's very informative and it's a great guide for my sister as well as myself. As she begins her 1st Chemo , we are ready and confident. The information detailed before the first chemo was heaven sent . Thank you Nalie.